A downloadable game for Windows

My contribution to the #GMTKJam 2020.

The topic was "Out of control".

I participated solo in the jam.

All resources are created within the jam period. Except the music and the texture of the wall.

Software used: Unity3D, Blender, Inkscape

Music: Nicole Marie T.

The task is to steer a balloon past obstacles with the help of a fan. The balloon should fly as high as possible!

Have fun playing the game


balloonV01.zip 25 MB
balloonV02.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

Download version 02, unzip and run "Balloon.exe"


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Very cool game! It's challenging and gets out of control fast. I like the look of the 3D models on a 2D plane. The lighting is a nice detail that helps you see where the upcoming obstacles are.

The music fits well with game too.

Thank you very much!